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About Our Used Engines

Rebuilt & Remanufactured Engines For Sale

Whether you are a mechanic in search of a quality used engine to swap in or a DIY car owner with a blown engine that needs to be replaced, you can come to us for the most reliable used engines at the most affordable prices. At Car Part Planet, we sell a wide range of used gasoline and diesel engines from all the top American and import automakers: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, and many more. Our quality used motors for sale are suitable for all applications, however, please refer to our warranty information if you are considering use in a commercial vehicle.

In addition to offering the highest quality used engines, we proudly provide exceptional customer service at every step of your purchase. When you call our team, we will help you find the perfect used motor using your vehicle’s year, make, model, or VIN.

Once you find just the right used motor for your car, complete your purchase by checking out in your customized shopping cart or calling one of our customer service representatives. After you search for “used engines near me” and click on our site, simply select your vehicle’s year, make, or model, to find the matching engine code and complete the order. After submitting your order, we will have a complete replacement engine sent straight to your door. We provide fast flat-rate shipping so you can get your vehicle on the road faster for less money.

About Our Remanufactured Engines

Rebuilt & Remanufactured Engines For Sale
We offer a best price Guarantee on our Remanufactured Engines

Best Price Guarantee

We will match or beat any
competitor's pricing.

At Car Part Planet, we offer remanufactured engines that have undergone meticulous rebuilding and refurbishing. Our commitment is to provide you with engines that exceed OEM specifications and outperform factory counterparts.

Our confidence in our process is reflected in our warranties, with most of our remanufactured engines covered by an impressive 5-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty for both parts and labor, with labor reimbursement at $50/hr based on industry standards

As a leading source for stock and high-performance engines across various domestic and import brands, we provide top-quality remanufactured engines. Our product lineup includes engines from renowned automakers, ensuring the perfect fit for your vehicle. Despite our professional approach, we offer competitive pricing and a price match guarantee. If you find a better price from a local or online rebuilt engine supplier, simply inform us, and we'll match it with a superior-quality engine.

Whether you're seeking an engine upgrade or need a reliable replacement, trust Car Part Planet, the industry leader in engine and transmission replacement. Contact us to find the ideal remanufactured engine for your vehicle. Once we've identified the right match, we'll process your order swiftly, offering fast, flat-rate shipping, and backing it up with our 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty for both parts and labor.

Remanufacturing Process

Engine Deep Clean – The revitalization of each engine initiates with its disassembly to the basic components, which are then subjected to an extensive cleaning process. Cast iron engines undergo cleaning in a hot tank, while aluminum engines are cleansed using a thermal method.

Detailed Evaluation – The Magnaflux technique, a method that employs magnetic particles, is utilized to detect even the smallest flaws or cracks in the metal that could affect the engine's future performance and longevity. Additionally, a meticulous visual inspection of every component is performed to catch any potential issues.

Expert Machining & Replacement Parts – The next step involves the precise CNC machining of the engine's deck surfaces, followed by the addition of new, superior-quality components to ensure the engine's robustness and efficiency. This renewal includes the installation of new bearings, pistons, rings, lifters, an oil pump, gaskets, Viton™ valve seals, freeze plugs, and galley plugs. This is complemented by the installation of a new timing chain or belt, equipped with tensioners. Engines that operate with a timing-driven water pump are fitted with a new pump.

Assurance Testing with SIM – Once reassembled, the engines are subjected to an exhaustive SIM test. This vital test pressures the cooling and oil systems and spins the crank at elevated RPMs to check for adequate compression and to verify that the assembly's quality meets rigorous standards.

Why choose Car Part Planet for our used and remanufactured engines?

our advanced team

Our Advanced Team

At Car Part Planet, we proudly provide remanufactured engines that have undergone thorough refurbishment processes. Our selection includes engines that meet or exceed OEM specifications after an extensive rebuilding and remanufacturing process, providing dependable performance from our remanufactured engines for sale.

customer service

Customer Support Staff

Our search tool can be used to browse through our online catalog to find the matching engine code for your vehicle. The Car Part Planet search feature utilizes the system to find the perfect engine for your ride. Additionally, we can use your VIN to find a compatible used engine or remanufactured engine. If you hit a snag during the process of searching for your matching engine, call one of our customer service representatives to get lightning-fast support.

replacement process

Replacement Process

We proudly price-match any competitor price for any identical part plus we also offer fast and flat-rate shipping. We pride ourselves on recruiting the best customer service representatives to serve you. If you want proof, just check out our excellent customer reviews to see the commitment we have to our customers, quality used and remanufactured motors, and outstanding customer service.

Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address)

Fast Shipping & Exclusive Warranty

Engines sold by our team are as solid as our customer service guarantee, giving you a quality used or remanufactured engine that you can rely on for many years after the engine replacement. We are so confident in our products that we provide an unmatched 5-Year Parts & Labor Unlimited Mileage Warranty on all of our remanufactured engines on top of fast flat-rate shipping straight to your garage or door.

Commonly Asked Questions

When deciding on a used, remanufactured, or crate engine for your replacement, the following questions might be on your mind:

Used engines sold by Car Part Planet are a great option for an engine replacement especially if you are on a tight budget and need your car running as soon as possible.

Absolutely! With remanufactured engines, you get to take all factory defects, worn parts, and damaged components out of the equation. Instead of simply replacing the old or damaged parts as occurs in regular rebuilds, the remanufacturer replaces all components inside the engine to make it better than new.

Since remanufacturing eliminates old, damaged, and defective parts, the refurbished motor easily lasts 150,000 miles or more. You can get even more miles out of your reconditioned engine by completing preventive maintenance on a strict schedule. In that case, you could even get over 200,000 miles out of it.

You can buy our used, rebuilt, and remanufactured engines through our online eCommerce site, Our search tool will help you find a compatible engine utilizing the Hollander interchange database. If you prefer, you can simply give our team a call, and we’ll use your VIN to look up identical stock parts.

The overall price of remanufactured engines depends on the vehicle model and build specifications. More often than not, reconditioned motors are less expensive than rebuilt engines. You can occasionally even find them cheaper than used motors, depending on the engine type, size, and overall condition.

While a rebuild kit is cheaper than a remanufactured engine, it does not account for labor hours, special tools, and machining. Beyond that, the remanufacturing process eliminates factory defects and other problems, not just the one that's gone bad.

Rebuilt motors only have the excessively worn or damaged parts replaced. Remanufactured engines, on the other hand, are fully restored using new or re-machined parts. Oftentimes, the remanufacturing process also fixes factory defects that may have caused the original engine failure.

A used engine is one that has been driven in a vehicle for a certain mileage before getting removed and put up “for sale near me”. In contrast, a remanufactured engine has had all of the engine’s internal parts replaced with new or completely remanufactured components. A remanufactured engine will inevitably last significantly longer than a used engine, but a used engine is more budget-friendly.

If you purchase one of our remanufactured or rebuilt engines there will be a core charge that will be refunded once you send it to us. On the other hand, if you purchase one of our used engines there will be no core charge.

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