• Ford is without question a major name in the automotive industry, with their vehicles being used every day across the planet for a wide range of purposes. Ford vehicles have a tendency to last for many years and a lot of people are still using their Ford vehicles long after the vehicles should have been put in the scrap heap.
  • One of the many reasons Ford vehicles are so well regarded and durable is due to their engines. Ford engines have been well known for many decades to be durable and reliable.
  • Because of this, whenever most Ford owners are contemplating getting a new truck or car, they will often times simply choose to replace either the engine or the transmission of the vehicle they already own. That's where we come. Our wide inventory of both gas and diesel Ford used truck engines and transmissions are back by competitive warranties and price match promises.
  • You can buy a Ford transmission or engine from us with confidence, with our reputation staked on the quality of our used and refurbished engines and transmissions for both trucks and cars. Save time and money in your search for a competitively priced Ford transmission or engine. Our prices on Ford engines and transmissions are unbeatable.
  • How to Determine Which Engine You Need
  • Even though Ford engines are constructed and intended to be used on Ford vehicles, does not necessarily mean that they are interchangeable.
  • Oftentimes, the engine may be the same for similar for Ford makes and models, but these engines can and will change over the years as newer, more advanced models roll off Ford assembly lines.
  • One of the best ways to tell which specific kind of engine you need for your car is to note the model of your vehicle and the year it was manufactured in. The owner's manual is an essential resource for determining which kind of engine your vehicle will need. It should be noted that Ford engines and transmissions can be purchased either brand new or used. Used Ford engines are a popular option.
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) is also an effective way of finding which engine your vehicle needs. The VIN number exists for all cars and trucks and is unique for every vehicle issued one.
  • Though this is a very useful element of the VIN, it also contains important data about the vehicle's history, among other information being the kind of engine it runs.
  • With Ford vehicles, the 8th digit of the VIN refers to the type of engine it has. Using the VIN, all you need to do is ensure that the other vehicle has the same 8th digit to ensure that the engine will work in your car or truck.
  • Which ever type of Ford vehicle you own, be it a truck like the popular F150 or a car like the Probe, the Focus or the icon Mustang, many Ford owners are intensely loyal to their vehicles and do what they can to keep these vehicles in the best condition possible. Used and refurbished Ford engines are an incredible way to ensure your car or truck serves you for a very long time.
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