• Ford is definitely one of the most well-known names in the automotive industry. Their vehicles are used every day all over the world for various purposes. There is a tendency for Ford vehicles to last for a number of years, and many owners of Ford cars and trucks use them well past their life expectancy.
  • The engines that come with Ford vehicles is one of the major reasons why they are so durable and have become so popular. Over the years Ford engines have earned a reputation for their reliability and endurance. That is why when a majority of Ford owners are considering purchasing a new car, they often tend to just replace the transmission or engine in their existing vehicle instead.
  • We can help with this. Our extensive inventory of diesel and gas Ford transmissions and engines come with an unmatched price match guarantee and warranty. You can purchase your Ford transmission or engine from us and have confidence knowing that we completely back the quality of our remanufactured or used truck and car transmissions and engines. Save money and time looking for cheap Ford transmissions and engines. The discounted prices we offer can't be beat.
  • How To Determine The Right Engine For Your Vehicle
  • Although Ford engines have been designed to be used in Ford vehicles, that doesn't necessarily mean they are all interchangeable. The engine, in some cases, may be the same for Ford models that are similar. However, over time the engines do change and new models are often introduced. One good way to determine which engine you need to purchase for your vehicle is to make a note of the year and model of your car or truck. Your owner's manual is very useful for helping you determine what kind of engine you need. You can purchase both used and new Ford engines. Used Ford engines have become a very popular option.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Another very effective way to determine which is the best engine for your vehicle is to use the VIN number. All trucks and cars have their own unique VIN number. There is also some very important information on the history of the vehicle and the type of engine used in it. In Ford models, the VIN number's 8th digit refers to the type of engine it uses. So when looking at engines you just need to find one that has the exact same 8th digit as your original engine to ensure that it will work with your vehicle.
  • So whether you own an Expedition, Explorer or F150 truck, or a Probe, Focus or Mustang car, many Ford owners are very loyal to their Ford vehicles and try to keep them running in top condition as long as they can. One excellent way of ensuring that your Ford vehicle continues to run for a very long time is to use a remanufactured or use Ford engine in it.
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