• In order to compete with Toyota's 4 Runner and Chevy's S10 Blazer, Ford Designed the Bronco II. It was the first time Ford had released a sub compact SUV since the original Bronco was released. The Ranger platform was used for the design of the Bronco II, so the design was identical in comparison to the Ford Ranger. The is a difference, however, between the two models. The Bronco II had an enclosed rear and a 94 inch wheel base. Other than that, the majority of both vehicles are quite similar.
    • A Cologne 2.8liter engine was offered with the Bronco II at first. This is the same engine offered with the Ford Ranger when it was first in production. It was in 1986 that the Bronco II was able to be shipped with the Cologne 2.9 Liter fuel injected V6 engine. Shortly after production, some problems began to be seen with the cylinder head in that engine. The problem created additional issues, including a coolant leak at the base of the rocker shafts or in the area of the valve springs.
    • Late in the 1989 production year, some improvements were made to the head castings. Those heads weren't used in the Bronco II because the production of that vehicle was dropped in favor of the Ford Explorer.
    • Even though there were some problems seen in those early engines, There are still many auto enthusiasts who seek out the Bronco II because of their use as an off road vehicle. They tend to be a solid, reasonably priced and compact SUV. It was the similarity to the Ranger that made it even more convenient because the parts were interchangeable.
    • Changing the engine out in the Bronco II was not much of a problem, unlike the Ford Windsor engine. Since the Bronco II was produced for competing with the 4Runner and the S10 Blazer, things were kept simple. This was the first time Ford released a sub compact SUV since the first Bronco.
    • The Ranger platform was chosen for the Bronco II and this made it the same as the Ford Ranger. The Bronco II, however did have the rear enclosed and a 94" wheel base. The majority of the parts could easily be swapped between the Ranger and the Bronco II.
    • At first, a Cologne 2.8 liter engine was offered with the Bronco II, as was the Ford Ranger at the beginning of it's production. It was in 1986 that a beefier engine was offered, the Cologne 2.9 liter V6 fuel injected engine.
    • Soon after production, internal coolant leaks began to be seen near the rocker shaft base or between the valve springs. They came from an issue with the cylinder head. Some improvements were made to head off this problem but they weren't rolled out because Ford scrapped the Bronco II and went with the Explorer.
    • There are still many people who are crazy about the Bronco II and they seek it out for it's off road abilities, despite the engine problems. They are affordable, compact and solid. In addition, parts are easier to find because you can often use them from the Ford Ranger. You can easily swap out engines, including with the Ford Windsor.

There are a number of engines available for the Bronco II, including the following:

•2.8 liter VIN S 8th digit or the 2.9 liter VIN T 8th digit.

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